Our three core values are... Honesty

These values are important to the way we treat each other as a team and the way we build a safe and meaningful place for you to recover, repair and explore your potential.


Genuine honesty can feel difficult because it often asks you to leave your ego at the door and it asks you to be self-aware. Honesty can also be tricky because you need to know your honesty is going to be heard in a safe space.

We create safe spaces for our colleagues and clients to practice honesty; we accept honesty without judgment or recourse. Honesty can be saying ‘I don’t know’ or offering help.

For our team it’s about being honest in always improving our knowledge, treatment skills and maintaining consistently high standards with service delivery. It is about making sure that “near enough is not good enough”.

For our clients, honesty is about being able to say; ‘I didn’t do my exercises’ or ‘this isn’t working’ or ‘I feel at my wits end’ and knowing that is going to be met by their Physiotherapist with compassion.

We are honest with ourselves, with our team and we are honest with our clients.


We tried to make this value cleaner, we played around with ‘Care Deeply’ and ‘Be Passionate’ but they all felt like lip service. GAS stands for ‘Give. A. Sh*t’.
GAS, passionately, wholly, every time – for yourself, for your patient and for your team.

We aim to help to make a difference that matters to you. For some this may be a plan to help you recover after surgery or injury, for others it may be a quick fix to get you back to feeling better. For others it may be to make big, bold differences in your lives.

GAS is about genuinely us listening, being invested in your treatment and being truly present when you are with us. Making sure that we get a treatment plan that suits your needs, goals and ability.

GAS also reminds us that the little things matter; remembering your name, your dog’s name, how your holiday went.

GAS is about going the extra mile and being all in, all of the time.


We realise the irony of this value because we have navy blue in our logo and our team shirts.

Have you ever really looked at the Physiotherapy Industry? It is saturated in Navy Blue.

When we say No Navy Blue, we are saying “don’t be like the herd”. This value is a promise to you that your treatment and your program here will NOT be boring. it will not be a cookie cutter approach, it will NOT be navy blue. It will be about you and what you want and need.

Making it fun and feeling connected helps you keep coming back to further your rehabilitation and beyond. We will not be boring and we will NOT be navy blue, for our clients.