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Disc bulges and back pain [2021]

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Lumbar disc bulges and back pain: Don’t Panic. It s very common that when we meet clients who present with back pain that they report that they  have a bulging…
osteoporosis and exercise | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

Osteoporosis and exercise

Do you need buffer bones ? According to Osteoporosis Australia, over 1.2 million people suffer from osteoporosis, and in Queensland alone, 43% of women and 13% of men over 70…

Why do I get homework from my physio ?

The pain relieving magic of exercise. Why is it every time you go to physio we give you exercises ? Usually it’s to get you stronger, more flexibility or movement…
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Busting Pilates Myths

#1 Pilates is for women. There is no denying that I see many more women than metake partte in Pilates classes. There’s also no denying that much of the advertising…

Balance is the Sixth Sense.

We are often told that balance is the key to life, as such balance exercises may be the key to successful injury rehabilitation. Balance,or proprioception, is often referred to as…