Classes & Programs

Our classes and programs are structured around building your strength, endurance, and improving how well you move so that you can continue to make progress after your treatment has finished.

They are designed so that you:

  • Keep progressing
  • Keep being challenged
  • Have fun
  • Prevent recurrence or re-injury
  • Perform at a higher level in whatever sport you do

There are six different class types available to suit your all ages, needs and capabilities.

Our sessions and programs are with a Physiotherapist. This may entitle you to claim your sessions under “Physiotherapy” with your private health fund*.

*All participants must have irrelevant assessment with their physiotherapist to be able to claim.

Our Classes:

Designed for all ages to strengthen your core, your lower and upper body and improve your endurance. This class is a hybrid of Pilates, TRX bodyweight, functional training and more.

There are three different class types available to suit your all ages, needs and capabilities.​

Physiocore Bodyweight

The best elements of Pilates matwork and other bodyweight training such as TRX suspension trainers. This class is for those who want to build a stronger and fitter core, hips and legs, as well as your upper body.

Physiocore Equipment

This class is up from the matwork session. Challenging your core, hips and upper body. In this class you will use Pilates reformers as well as the TRx suspension trainers.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more challenging, we added to our popular Equipment based physiocore session. Similar to physiocore but with the addition of some higher intensity cardio exercise to really boost your core fitness and endurance.