Conditions We Treat

We treat a range of conditions at Arana Hills Physiotherapy

We do not want to see you limited by an injury or fear of re-injury. We want you to get better and we want you to stay that way for the long road. We want you to have the ability and confidence to challenge yourself and come out on top.

There are not many issues we haven’t seen or treated successfully. We have extensive experience in the assessment, and treatment of a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

As a team we constantly grow and develop our knowledge and skills base to provide you with the best solutions and results. Today we are delivering treatments, rehabilitation and exercise programs based on the best current evidence and years of experience for all types of people and every type of body.

If you’re not assessing, then you’re guessing

To us, every injury and every person is unique. We allocate time exclusively for you; to genuinely listen, to assess all aspects of your condition, any underlying issues, and how this affects your day to day life.
Our treatments services include individual treatment and rehab sessions, small group rehab and class-based rehabilitation.

Three Stages of Physio

Pain is often the last symptom to arrive and the first to go. This often tricks the owner of an injury (you) into stopping treatment before the underlying causes have either completely resolved or you are in control of them. Without getting to this point there is a risk of re-injury.

As a result we look at your treatment over three phases to get the best result

This is where we want to resolve the symptoms that are holding you up, and get you back to your happy place. In this phase you will work individually with your physiotherapist, and treatment often consists of manual therapy techniques, exercises, and getting a better understanding of your condition.

In this phase you are typically in much less discomfort or pain, and we can get a better understanding about the issues that were involved in the injury. Armed with this information we introduce a program that is designed to prevent recurrence and build a stronger and fitter you. This phase involves more exercise based rehabilitation and can be done in individual or small group sessions.

This is where it can get interesting, and you can become more capable than you ever dreamed. Our goal in this phase is to start increasing your strength, endurance and skills to achieve what you once thought may not have been capable. This could be as simple as playing with the children or working pain free or sports specific goals.

We are committed to treating your condition

Here’s our 5 point commitment to you:

We Listen

We listen to you to understand what is happening and how it impacts you.

We Assess

We perform thorough assessments to find out what is happening, why it happened & how we can get you moving again.

Custom Plans

We work out the best plan with YOU to get you out of pain and moving better as soon as we can.

Equip You

Give YOU the tools and skills to keep you out of trouble, be able to self manage and scale new heights.

Goals Focused

We build a treatment plan that suits YOUR goals and what you want to be able to do. That could be working in the garden, playing with the grandkids, getting to the gym, going for a run, back to competitive sport or whatever it is you want to do.

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