Suffering from Hip Pain?

Hip pain is a fairly common condition that can often be separated in two types.

Hip pain related to tendon or muscle function:
Often the symptoms of pain are found in the outside of the hip or in the gluteal region. Hip pain is often blamed on bursitis or tendonitis around the joint that can cause pain and restrict simple activities.

Hip pain related to changes in the joint:
Osteoarthritis of the hip is a fairly common condition that affects the cartilage and bone of the hip joint resulting in pain and restriction of movement. This can cause pain, and restriction to daily activity.

Often we find that hip pain can be treated successfully with physiotherapy and exercise. The solution to the problem can often be related to postural issues at the hip in sitting, combined with weakness in the muscles surrounding the hip and knee joint as well as the core. In the case of Joint related problems, restoring movement alongside exercise is of great benefit.

The goal of your treatment and rehabilitation is as follows;

· Get the hip happy again by reducing the pain and restoring its function
· Identifying postures that help and those that don’t
· Graded exercise program to restore the strength of the hip and core muscles

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Three Stages of Treatment

Pain is often the last symptom to arrive and the first to go. This often tricks the owner of an injury (you) into stopping treatment before the underlying causes have either completely resolved or you are in control of them. Without getting to this point there is a risk of re-injury.

As a result we look at your treatment over three phases to get the best result

Listen to how your problem happened and how it is affecting you.
Posture and if it influences your symptoms.
Low back, thoracic & hip mobility.
Individual joint movements at low back and SIJ.
Muscle strength in your core and hips.
Nerve testing in the lower limbs.

Specific to you.
Understand what is going on and why.
Personnel and targeted treatment to get you out of pain using a combination of manual therapy, education and exercise.
Get you moving well as soon as possible.

Prevent recurrence of your injury
Lifestyle, strength and exercise programs
Building confidence and resilience by putting together a program for you to get the results you want

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