Suffering from Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis affecting most individuals at some time in their life and may be a normal part of ageing process.

It is a degenerative joint condition that affects the cartilage on the end of the bones and resulting in varying levels of pain that affect our daily lives and function.
However just because you have OA doesn’t mean you have to have pain.

Often exercise and lifestyle is key in the management of this condition. It’s about finding the right exercise and the right amount for YOU.

We have extensive experience in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of lower limb injuries and getting back to activity following surgery. Our therapists have a wide range of manual therapy techniques and exercise-based rehabilitation skills to help you get there.

Three Stages of Treatment

Pain is often the last symptom to arrive and the first to go. This often tricks the owner of an injury (you) into stopping treatment before the underlying causes have either completely resolved or you are in control of them. Without getting to this point there is a risk of re-injury.

As a result we look at your treatment over three phases to get the best result

Listen to how your problem happened and how it is affecting you.
Posture and if it influences your symptoms.
Low back, thoracic & hip mobility.
Individual joint movements at low back and SIJ.
Muscle strength in your core and hips.
Nerve testing in the lower limbs.

Specific to you.
Understand what is going on and why.
Personnel and targeted treatment to get you out of pain using a combination of manual therapy, education and exercise.
Get you moving well as soon as possible.

Prevent recurrence of your injury
Lifestyle, strength and exercise programs
Building confidence and resilience by putting together a program for you to get the results you want

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