Osteoarthritis (OA) separating fact from fiction ?


Here’s 5 top tips to get your knees and hips in tip top shape.

1.If you have been given a diagnosis of osteoarthritis the first thing is  DON’T PANIC!

don't panic | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

If you have hip or knee pain – first see you GP or physiotherapist to make sure that it’s not pain from another cause that could be easily helped. Many people are misdiagnosed with OA or just assume that’s what their pain is due to their age.

Remember what your mum said… “just because your friends are doing it, doesn’t mean you have to as well”. Ok – it may not exactly be jumping off cliff, but knee and hip pain is often misdiagnosed. Speak with your physiotherapist.

2. The more you understand about osteoarthritis, (OA), the better.


Knowledge is power and when it comes to injuries and OA the more knowledge you have then the better you can manage it.

This knowledge can be broken down into what OA is , If you have 8 minutes this is a great video explaining more about OA:

and how it affects you.


OA is no reason to give up your favourite activities. In fact, your therapist will encourage you to continue being active. GET EDUCATED (and not by Dr Google) about what OA is and what it means for you. Speak to your physiotherapist and find out more about the condition.

3. Treating osteoarthritis with exercise.

exercise with osteo | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

Exercise is the number one recommendation for people with hip and knee OA from the major research groups around the world. Exercise increases the strength of the muscles around the joint, gives you better control of the joint and decreases pain.

Everyone’s experience differs but some people find their pain decreases significantly to the point where they reduce or no longer take medication. Your physiotherapist can provide you with advise on what types and how much exercise will benefit you the most.

4. Weight reduction and osteoarthritis.

weight reduction for osteoarthritis | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

Did you know even a small amount of weight loss can help to reduce pain? Just a few kilograms will significantly reduce the load on your hips and knees. If you need help losing weight speak with your GP or dietician.

5. Stay active every day.

stay active | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

A diagnosis of hip and knee osteoarthritis doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the activities you love. Being physically and socially active is good for the mind and the body. It improves your mood and health and reduces fatigue and pain.

See your physiotherapist for ideas to help you stay active or regain your mobility if you are having difficulties.

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