Rehabilitation Gym in Arana Hills

[Base ]-camp: ,Definition
“an encampment that serves as a staging area for a larger activity, for example scaling Everest”
“a staging area used by mountaineers to prepare for a climb”.

As the saying goes “pain is the last thing to arrive and first to leave”. The key to your success with treatment is stopping you from going back to that place. Once you are out of trouble Basecamp is how we keep you out of trouble.

Base Camp Gym was created to give you access to a facility where you can create the outstanding and permanent results that you deserve. Build your confidence, strength, agility and resilience in an environment you can call your own.

We believe that everyone, regardless of injury, age, ability or goal should have access to the kind of rehabilitation that top level sports people do. One of our specialities is making your rehab challenging, effective, specific & “fun”. That’s where Base Camp Gym comes into play…

In Base Camp you will find a combination of the most effective and the fun elements from sports rehabilitation and other exercise philosophies. Your rehabilitation journey will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. It’s not just about getting you out of that troublesome spot you find yourself in, it’s about keeping you out of it for good.

With Basecamp everyone can conquer their “Everest”.

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