Our Team

All of our team are passionate about getting you back to you best and making your time with us a smooth and as enjoyable experience.

Both the clinical staff and our admin ninjas have your back (or your knee, or your elbow, or your shoulder – or ‘insert injury here’).

Our physiotherapists know what it takes to recover from injury and stay out of trouble. We are a dedicated group who will help you understand the following;

  • What your problems are
  • How we go about treating this successfully
  • What we can do to help
  • What you need to do for yourself

We all have qualifications in an area of exercise science or sports physiotherapy and have competed in or worked at various high levels sports. We never stop learning , listening or looking for better ways to improve our service for you.

Our admin ninjas are called ninjas for a reason. They will make your path as easy and seamless as possible; orient you to the clinic, assist you with any paperwork, and take care of bookings and other issues that you may have.