Admin Ninja #1

About Kristen

What do you enjoy about the job the most?

I love meeting & getting to know all of our patients & working in a relaxed environment with some pretty amazing co-workers

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

time travelling

What’s your worst / most embarrassing injury?

Thankfully there’s no video evidence but I once kicked a medicine ball thinking it was a normal ball

What is the most common thing we will hear you say?

You will hear me ask “tap or insert for the gap?” mostly or just plain old chit chat from me at the front

Three desert island essentials –

Chocolate, a plane & a pilot (for if I ever wanted to leave the island, if not let’s island hop!)

When not at at the clinic where might you be found?

Spending time with my family & friends or at the coffee shop getting Dave his one of many daily coffees 🙂