Nathan Wilesmith


BPhty (Physiotherapy)

About Nathan Wilesmith

Practicing since: 2020/21

Letters: Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (BENS), Master of Physiotherapy Studies (MPhtySt)

What made you want to be a physio? I enjoy sports, physical activity, movement, and working with people so physio was the perfect fit for me.

What do you enjoy treating the most? I enjoy treating anything where people are keen to learn about their condition and what is happening with their body. Helping people understand what is going on and become empowered with strategies we can employ to create positive changes is very satisfying.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? The power to control probability. What are the odds of me finding $50 in my pocket? 1. The odds of it raining in a drought? 1. So much potential!

What’s your worst/most embarrassing injury: When I was in primary school I challenged my younger brother to race to the car across the oval, and strained my hamstring in the frantic sprint. I still won the race though.

Most asked clinical question: How long until I can do _____ ?

If stuck on a desert island what are your 3 must have items? My computer with high speed internet access, a set of weights, my two dogs.

If not in the clinic where might you be found? The gym, the park kicking a ball around or running, on my computer, or playing with the dogs.

BPhty (Physiotherapy)

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