Sophie Watson


BPhty (Physiotherapy)

About Sophie Watson

Why are you a physio?

I knew I wanted to work in the health field, but I wasn’t sure what I specifically wanted to do. I enjoy playing sport and staying active, and thought that physio aligned well with my interests.

What do you enjoy treating the most?

I like treating everything, but particularly like treating ankles and necks. I’ve been through some ankle and neck issues of my own in the past and I know how rewarding it feels when you improve

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I would like to be able to teleport, that way I could avoid sitting in traffic forever!

What’s your worst/ most embarrassing injury?

Gave myself a black eye climbing also broke my finger before starting at arana hills

Favourite overseas trip?

I’ve been on two overseas trips in my life, one to New Zealand for the Kepler hike and the other a Europe trip including England, Italy, France, Austria and Norway. I’m not a massive fan of overseas travel because I hate airports but it was definitely a great experience.

If stuck on a desert island what are your 3 must have items?

My dog, a boat and an unlimited supply of fuel.

If not in the clinic where might you be found?

The beach or out adventuring with my friends and my dog

BPhty (Physiotherapy)

My favourite sport to play is oztag, and I love watching NRL. I’m a big Melbourne Storm supporter!

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