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Physiotherapy and exercise physiology management via telerehabilitation has been around for many many years. I recall in 2006 being involved in a study at the University of Queensland that tested equipment, and found we could reliability measure things like how much knee bend you had, very reliably.

Now technology has advanced past the palm pilots, and never have we needed this service more than now.

Unfortunately pain does not acknowledge the change in our world at the moment, it also has no respect for if you are away on holiday, or can’t make it physically to the clinic. Regardless of these factors you are still struggling with pain.

We also do not want your rehabilitation journey to stop if you are on your way to getting back to your best, and currently many of us are staying at home more than usual. If anything, this is a time when you want to be able to get yourself in the best shape possible, and currently this may be a great opportunity to do so.

What is the aim of physiotherapy ?

Let’s look at how physiotherapy gets you to where you want to be. We listen to what you need, and where you want to be. We identify what stops you, pain, limitations in movement, reduced strength. From talking to you we build up an idea about what we think the problem is. Just from talking to you and asking the right questions we are confident in what is wrong and what we need to test and look at. We then examine you to help confirm our ideas and put together a solution.

The minute you walk through the door we are watching you, seeing how you move, seeing where you struggle. We assess your movement and establish what limits it, or causes it to be painful.

Systematically we go through a series of movements and tests to further build a picture. It is often your response to movement that gives us the biggest clues. Once we have established our hypothesis – we delve further to see why this has happened, is there an underlying issue with movement or strength.

Providing you with a diagnosis and then a clear plan of management is critical to effective physiotherapy management.

Where do online consults fit in then with traditional physiotherapy / exercise physiology model ?

The difference between a traditional face to face consult and an online consult is that there is no hands on approach. However all the other components of the assessment and treatment can be applied.

Telehealth at Arana Hills Physiotherapy

To put it in perspective the hands on component of treatment is usually the component that gets you started on the rehab journey.

Think of it like a bobsled race, it’s the part that gets the sled running, the exercise component is the part that gets you over the finish line.

Manual therapy can be highly valuable and even essential in some cases, but a similar effect can be achieved with exercise and self manual techniques, it might just take a little bit longer that’s all. In a telehealth setting we are able to effectively teach you the appropriate self manual techniques.

The good news is that the research is showing that you can still achieve very good if not excellent outcomes using telehealth. It’s just that you are taking a slightly different path.

Who is online consultation for ?

This service is designed for new and current clients. Its particularly useful in the following scenarios:

To asses new issues or problems and decide upon the best course of action.

Continuation of your current plan.

Progression of current treatments , especially if you can’t make it to the clinic.

It is also excellent for letting us see how you are managing your exercise program in your own home with the equipment you have available. Thus making it easier to progress and adapt your plan.

Here is a guided tour round your new online consultation using physitrak app.

At this time when face to face consultations may be challenging due to requirements for isolation, or just a preference to stay home this new technology is a great a option.

It really is as simple as booking an appointment – and we send you through a link via email. You will be asked to download a free app. At your appointment time we will send through a request to start a video call. Then the magic of technology happens.

Online consultations | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

You can find out more or book an online consult here.

We look forward to seeing you on line if you can’t see us here.


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