What a Wunda full world we have for you.

Wunda full chair | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

The Wonderful World of The Wunda Chair

You might have noticed a slightly stocky odd looking piece of equipment in the gym, and debated whether it was a storage box or a piece of mediaeval torture equipment. Although some class participants might swear it’s the latter – it’s actually another piece of Pilates equipment – one of Josef Pilates’ original designs – The Wunda Chair.

Here is the man himself with the original chair.

I like to think it’s called this because of the wonderful exercises that can be done with it. Exercises can be done standing, sitting and lying on or beside the chair and can work upper and lower limbs as well as your deep abdominal and back core muscles.

I like to include a few exercises on this equipment in each class for everyone – but if you haven’t used it before – don’t be shy – ask for some exercises – you will ‘wunda’ why you haven’t used it earlier.

If you want to try the wunda chair give us a call and we can arrange a session for you.

See you soon


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