Osteoarthritis and exercise, you’ll be GLA:D you read this


Osteoarthritis is worse than creaky door that just won’t open smoothly. It makes moving your knees and hips feel stiff and painful, like there’s sandpaper inside your joints. But there’s hope! A special exercise program called GLA:D is like oil for that creaky door. It’s designed to help people with osteoarthritis in their knees and hips move better and feel less pain.

GLA:D the osteoarthritis strengthening exercise program

It stands for Good Life with OsteoArthritis: Denmark. It’s an exercise program that was developed in Denmark and has been spreading around the world because it’s so effective.

The GLA:D program is all about teaching people with osteoarthritis how to move in ways that are safe and healthy for their joints. It includes exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knees and hips, improve flexibility, and boost balance and coordination.

Here’s a quick overview from La Trobe university about this program.

 Does the GLA:D strengthening exercise program for osteoarthritis work?

One study looked at people with osteoarthritis in their knees who did the GLA:D program. They found that after just three months, these people had less pain and stiffness in their knees and were able to do more activities without discomfort. It’s like they traded in their creaky door for a smooth, well-oiled one!

The following results were observed in this study  which looked at he results of  over 28,000 participants across 3 countries.

  • Reduction in pain levels among individuals with knee and hip OA following participation in the program. improvements in physical function among GLA:D® program participants.
  • Enhanced physical function is essential for individuals with OA to perform daily activities with greater ease and independence.
  • Improvements in quality of life outcomes among individuals with knee and hip OA post-program participation.

Another study looked at people with osteoarthritis in their hips who did the program. They found that after six months, these people had better hip function and less pain. It’s like they got a new lease on life, with hips that moved more freely and comfortably.

What makes strength training programs like GLA:D for osteoarthritis so effective?

  • They are  tailored to each person’s needs. The exercises can be adjusted based on factors like age, fitness level, and the severity of osteoarthritis. This means that people of all ages and abilities can participate and see improvements in their joint health.
  • By targeting specific exercises and interventions aimed at improving strength, mobility, and flexibility,  a strengthening program contributes to improving your function and mobility.
  • A good program teaches you how to move better. Osteoarthritis can cause people to develop bad habits, like favoring one leg over the other or avoiding certain movements because they’re painful.
  •  Instead of relying solely on medications or surgeries to manage osteoarthritis, an exercise program teaches you and gives you tools to manage symptoms. This can lead to better long-term outcomes and a higher quality of life.

Are there alternatives to GLA:D exercise program for OA ?

There are other exercise programs that have proven successful such as the NEMEX-TJR training program which focuses on strength and control of the knees and hip. There are strong similarities between this and the GLA:D program.

Otherwise a general lower limb strengthening program have also proven effective in the treatment of OA hips and knees. Especially when they are based around the exercises of other more well known programs.

In conclusion:

Formalised strength programs such as GLA:D or NEMEX-TJR training  program can be a game-changer for people with osteoarthritis in their knees and hips.

By teaching safe and effective exercises, correcting movement habits, and empowering individuals to take control of their own health, GLA:D helps people move better, feel less pain, and enjoy a better quality of life.

So, if you’ve got creaky knees or hips, why not give GLA:D a try? It could be just the thing you need to open that door to a better life!

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