Busting Pilates Myths

pilates myths | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

#1 Pilates is for women.

There is no denying that I see many more women than metake partte in Pilates classes. There’s also no denying that much of the advertising we see depicts only women.

Pilates offers an all over body workout for men and women – with many men surprised by how challenging it can be when they try it for the first time. If you are a man who hasn’t considered Pilates before, or your wife does it but you always considered it was some secret women’s business – reconsider now.

# 2 “It’s stretching isn’t it – just lots of flexibility stuff?”

NOOOOOO. It’s a lot of strength work, balance work, stability work, upper body, lower body, back and abdominal work with a couple of stretches thrown in if you’re really nice to your instructor.

. 😊 On the other hand – if your main issue is a lack of flexibility and you experience a lot of stiffness, your class can be tailored to provide you with the opportunity to get those joints moving. It’s great for rehabilitation back from injury and excellent for those people that keep experiencing one niggling injury after another. RUNNERS YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE….

# 3 “I already do weights at the gym, why should I consider Pilates?”

First of all – a big congratulations on being a regular gym attendee – you’re already taking a big step in looking after your health and wellbeing. However, many gym exercises are quite static exercises, done on a stable base, and isolating one or a few muscles at a time. This can all be a good thing – but not all of the time. We are moving creatures and we need to be strong while moving. Reformer Pilates can give you strength with movement patterns and identify areas of weakness that people often don’t know about. As Physios, we enjoying finding your weakness….and then making you strong 😉

See you soon for our classes


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