Do the twist …Thoracic rotation and mobility exercises for the upper back

Welcome to thoracic park !

Thoracic spine movement has wide spread implications on both pain and sporting performance. For example if you are lacking movement in this area it may :

  • Affect neck movement and play a role in neck pain .
  • Shoulder pain and ability to lift or work with your arms overhead.
  • Affect swimming technique and efficiency.
  • Limit your golf swing.

Improving thoracic rotation can help to open up the chest, improving breathing and reducing tightness and pain in surrounding joints (i.e. neck and shoulders).  This in turn allows you to hit a ball further, swim faster, reduce shoulder and neck pain and just generally move better.

A functional guide to the thoracic spine.

  • The thoracic spine is the middle portion of your spine between the neck / cervical spine and the lumbar spine.
  • 12 vertebrae make up the thoracic spine and are numbered T1 down to T12.
  • T5-T8 region tend to  have the greatest rotation available in  the thoracic region.
  • Rib cage is part of the thoracic spine and extends from the spine round to the front of the chest and attaches to the sternum at the front.
  • Thoracic spine mobility is linked to shoulder girdle movement.
  • Mobility in the thoracic spine  contributes 33% of neck flexion movements and 21% of neck rotation.
  • Optimising thoracic rotation can help to open up the chest, improving breathing and reducing tightness and pain in surrounding joints (i.e. neck and shoulders). Strength is also an important factor to address in thoracic spine

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Thoracic spine exercises to improve thoracic mobility

Foam roller thoracic spine mobility exercises

Thoracic spine mobility meets stick mobility

Stick Mobility is “Movement made better”. Their formula is  strength + flexibility + control = mobility.

Their goal is to help unlock and strengthen the areas of your body needed to access your full potential. Which will improve your ability to perform aspects of daily activities, occupations and sports. Read more about the philosophy here

Here are great exercises using the stick.

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Putting it all together

So these are great examples of effective and easy to do exercises. Pick what suits you with regards to available equipment and space. Try at least 2-3 exercises in a sequence and do them before exercise in the gym or a light bit of mobility  after gardening or working all day at the desk.

For golfers the stick mobility exercises are excellent and some of these can be n\managed with a piece of dowel or old club. Others require a flexible stick : check out stick mobility here

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