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Battle ropes are probably more associated with either the world of crossfit or functional training. However this form of fitness training has significant implications in maintaining fitness in lower limb injuries, improving coordination and balance and possibly helping increasing endurance and specific strength in treating low back pain.

What does the science tell us about battle ropes as a training modality ?

Research has shown that , this form of training is an effective method to increase energy expenditure and improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This is good to know especially if we are recovering from lower limb injury as there is no impact on the legs. We can even do it in a seated position.

Here is a clever video looking at the muscles used in this exercises.

Basic battle rope exercises

Three of the fundamental fitness rope exercises are the single-arm wave, double-arm wave, and double-arm slam. Working out with ropes gets your heart rate up fast starting with the single-arm wave where you generate rope waves by alternating your hand. Your upper body, arms and shoulders are all very active which taxes your cardio respiratory system quickly.

All battle rope exercises work the upper body. As you bring the larger muscles of the glutes and legs into play you can progressively increase the benefits. You will always be limited in movement because battle ropes are anchored.

Battle ropes, agility and balance work.

If you haven’t tried it , give it a shot, great way to stay fit when injured and improve agility and balance



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