hip tendonitis or trochanteric bursitis: our 5 top tips for happy hips, [2021]

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Healthy Hips are Happy Hips or Hot Tips for Happy Hips – so many options….HIP HIP HOORAY! we’ve got the answers just for you.

Have you been diagnosed with Hip bursitis, Hip tendonitis or lateral hip pain ?

Often referred to as hip tendinitis or trochanteric bursitis this is a common condition in which people often experience pain in the side of you hip – roughly around where your leg joins your pelvis, you may have what is known as Gluteal Tendinopathy.

What’s happening in a painful hip ?

This is where the tendons of your gluteal (bottom) muscles have become unhappy and are making it LOUD and clear.

Tendons become unhappy because;

  • they are either being overloaded (perhaps by increasing activity)
  • being underloaded (and losing their ability to cope with normal daily activity).
  • Being squashed or compressed because we ly on them for too long or cross our legs.

A common and easy to fix contributor to the problem can be your daily postures.

Have a think about whether you do any of these:

  • Stand with your weight on one leg – pushing your hip out to the side.
  • Sit in a chair with one leg crossed over the other
  • Lie on your side – painful hip up OR down
  • Sitting in low chairs with your knees above your hips
  • Stand on one leg – for example when getting dressed
  • Walking up stairs or hills.

Our hot tips for happy hips: how to settle hip bursitis and tendonitis.

  • Don’t cross your legs or feet when sitting or standing.

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  • Try not stand with weight on one leg so you drop your hip. This like crossing your leg increases compressive forces at the tendon resulting in development of tendonoapthy.

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  • In bed ly on the unaffected side with two – three pillows under the leg that is on top. Stops the top painful leg crossing the midline position.

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  • Increase the strength of the muscles around the hip. The target of this deep muscles of the hip. This helps reducing the “hip drop” often seen in walking with this type of problem as well as improving the tendons ability to tolerate daily stresses without pain. This is a very important component of your rehabilitation as it can determine how well you recover in the short and long term. Exercises need to be progresed as you get better to ensure the best recovery and prevent recurrence.

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The role of physiotherapy in managing hip pain.

Physiotherapy soft tissue techniques, shockwave therapy or dry needling / acupuncture approaches can have significant impact on your pain levels and help with your recovery.

However going hand in hand with these techniques are changes to daily habits and a progressive hip and core strengthening program.

You can read more here about the highly successful LEAP trial here.

This trial demonstrated the incredibly effective benefits on strengthening exercise in getting rid of hip pain.

The happy hippy round up

Although we need to do many of the above mentioned activities in our life, if you are currently suffering from hip pain, they can aggravate it and slow your recovery. The good news is that with the right approach you can get on top of this issue and not let it kick you in the butt.

You can read more here about the hip based strengthening program here.

If you are struggling with lateral hip pain then book in to see one the team to get you back on track.

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