How long will a hip or knee replacement last? Putting the 10 year myth to bed [2023]

A hot topic of conversation if you are considering getting a hip or knee replacement is how long will it last ?

Often our clients are under the impression that there is this 10 year window before it will need to get done again. But is that an accurate estimate ?


How long will a hip replacement last?

Anywhere between 97% -75% of individuals will have a hip replacement that lasts them over 20 years and beyond. 

One comprehensive study showed in  60,000 people who had a hip replacement, only 4.4% required revision surgery in the first 10 years after surgery.  Of the remaining recipients 15% required revision by the 20 year mark .  So that means 80- 85% of this study had hip replacements that lasted over 20 years.

Others have shown total hips lasting over 22 years in 97% – 75% of the recipients.

So I’d say that you can throw that 10 year date in the bin for the vast majority of total hip replacements.

How long will a knee replacement last?

This is usually the surgery that suffers most from the 10 year myth.

From the research it has been shown that out nearly 55,000 people who had a knee replacement, only 3.9% required revision surgery within 10 years of surgery. By the 20 year mark only 10.3% required revision.

So from this we can say with some confidence that you can expect 90% of people to have their new knee for around 20 years.

In other news those that have had knee replacement revised, ( had a replacement for their replacement), they can expect to have it for 20 -25 years.

Are there any factors in how long knee or hip replacements last?

Age appears to matter.  The younger you are the more likely you will need a revision. Males in their early 50’s are at greater risk, with 35% requiring revision. This may be due to lifestyles adopted and their general activities chosen compared to those that are older, and possibly more sensible!

In individuals over 70 years old with a  hip or knee replacement the risk of having revision surgery on the replaced joint is only about about 5%.

Why are knee and hip replacements lasting longer?

Its down to a number of factors;

  • Better preparation prior to surgery.
  • Exercise, getting fitter and stronger before the operation (Prehab)
  • Weight loss makes a difference on joint stresses.
  • Improved materials in the replacement
  • Better surgical techniques and anesthesia
  • Better rehabilitation after surgery

Your joint replacement of the knee or hip is now more likely to be successful and last the rest of your life than ever before.

If you are contemplating we have great information here on what to expect  from hip replacement or knee replacement in these blogs.

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