LEAP into life, the best exercises for hip pain [2021]

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Diagnosis of trochanteric bursitis, Hip tendonitis or just plain sore down the side of your hip ? This is for you.

In 2018 there was a study released called the LEAP trial that looked at the best methods to treat lateral hip pain. Pain on the outside of the hip affects women more than men by about 4-5 times. It is due to a multitude of factors but can often be separated in to two majors areas that we can address;

  1. Hip posture, read more here for our top tips
  2. Strength of the deep muscles in the hip. check out the videos below:

Glute Medius

Glute Minimus

You can read more about this here:

What’s the best treatment for this hip bursitis or hip tendonitis?

The LEAP trial compared the following treatments and found the following results:

Exercise and education: 77% better after 8 weeks 78% better after 1 year

Corticosteroid injection: 56% better after 8 weeks 57% better after 1 year

Wait and see: 29% better after 8 weeks 52% better after a year

What were the exercises used to treat lateral hip pain ?

The exercise group had a home exercise plan and 2x 30 minute physio supervised sessions a week for 8 weeks.

Week 1-2: Familiarisation exercises for hip bursitis or tendonitis.

  • Abduction in lying.
  • Hip bridges
  • Squat
  • Side step

Week 3-5: Entry level strengthening exercises for hip bursitis and tendonitis.

  • Bridge offset
  • Squat
  • Side step with band

Week 6-8: Higher level strength exercises for hip bursitis and tendonitis.

  • Single leg bridge
  • Single leg bridge
  • Side step with band

Week 3-8 : Pilates reformer exercises for hip strength.

  • Bilateral Abduction
  • Abduction plus squat
  • Scooter

What are you waiting for, LEAP to it and get rid of that hip pain?

The results from this trial speak for themselves, it is by far the best results for both short and long term for those with a diagnosis of hip bursitis or tendinopathy.

If you have any questions please get in touch, or if you are struggling with a sore hip book in and we can get you on the right path.



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