Osteoporosis, balance & 5 great exercises you can do today.

Osteoporosis and balance | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

Why is balance important in osteoprosis

Balance and importantly dynamic balance is crucial for helping prevent trips and falls, which inturn are a huge risk of fractures.

Poor balance is a relatively common finding in those with reduced muscle strength and core control. It is not unsurprising therefore that balance training is an important component in the effective treatment of osteoporosis. You can read more about it in our this blog.

Looking for some fun and practical alternatives to help your balance? These five exercises are for you;

  • Tight rope walking – place one foot in front of the other, make sure your toes touch your heels with every step as you make your way along the line. Step ups: find a small step or sturdy box and step up and down. The trick is to think about your bottom muscles doing some of the work on the way up. You can do a few on each foot before you change, or change feet stepping up each time.

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  • Single leg balance: This exercise is fantastic to build your balance! And there are many different variations you can do as you practice and get better. Firstly, practice with one foot off the ground, then gradually try to bring your foot higher off the ground. Your hands by your side or out to the side create a great aid for balance, but for a real challenge try putting them straight up in the air or even hold a ball. Time you best go and keep trying!

  • Sit to stand: Find a sturdy chair or low bench for this activity. Start standing up tall then sit back into the chair, but make sure you aren’t just letting yourself flop down. You have to make those legs work hard on the way up and down.

  • High knees: For this exercise all you need is your legs! Bring your knee up, pause, and slowly bring back down, then change legs. You can do this all on the right before changing to the left, or you can alternate each time. To make this exercise harder you may let go of your hands for balance, or increase the time of the pause at the top of each repetition.

Alongside these exercises, walking at a moderate pace 3 to 4 times a week for a total of 150minutes is proven to decrease your risk of falls, cardiovascular disease, or developing metabolic disorders such as diabetes.

Looking for more? Drop us a line or book in to see us and we will give you some effective and fun exercises.

Rani 🙂

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