Reduce running tendon injuries with this simple tip

This piece of research was conducted in 2017 and offers an additional strategy to rehab as well as a preventative measure for Achilles and other lower limb Tendinopathies.

As an addition to an exercise focused treatment or prevention plan for achilles tendons or plantar fascia There has been good evidence that Vitamin C and the addition of the protein called proline help to increase the strength of tendons and ligaments. Proline is a protein that is found in abundance in  animal based collagen products.

This study by Walsh et al (2017) demonstrated that the addition of vitamin C , Gelatin and skipping had a positive increase in the strength and repair of the tendons.

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Nourish the tendon with collagen and Vitamin C

The protocol involved the following :

Due to the slower cell metabolism in tendon this is best carried out 60 – 30 minutes before going for a run:

  • 15g of gelatin or animal collagen based supplement. check out this quality supplement from professional whey
  • 50mg of vitamin C

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Skipping and tendon strength

This was then followed by 5 of jump rope skipping minutes. Any more than this did not have additional benefits .

Simple yet effective way to help minimise injury risk and build robust healthy tendons. What more could you ask for ?

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