Top tips and exercises to get rid of plantar fascitis.

Tips for plantar fasciitis | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

If you are struggling with heel pain plantar fascitis then these are our top tips to get rid it.

These are the tretaments and advice that you can follow yourself with minimal equipment but maximum adherence.

Top strength exercises for Plantar fascitis or heel pain.

Calf raises and soleus raise.

In the first 2 weeks i recommend doing these over a step or on the floor.

Slow is the name of the of the game with these exercises.

Start with the following;

12 reps x 3 sets

2-3 secs up and 2-3 secs down

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Plantar fascia raise.

These are from a piece of research carried out in 2015 that showed a decrease in symptoms in those suffering with plantar fasciopathy or heel pain.

The use of a towel works well to dorsiflex the toes which then increases tension on the plantar fascia.

I start these 3 weeks after the calf raise program and add 1 set per week until doing 3 sets.

Recommended sets and reps

12 reps x 3 sets at 2 seconds up / 2 seconds down.

Build this up to 3 secs up / pause at top for 2 secs / down for 3 secs.

Intrinsic foot muscles.

Since the plantar fascia attached to the intrinsic foot muscles its important that we rehab these as well.

Firstly doing your arch in the foot with calf raises will help this aspect of rehab.

The following toe dance exercise is another easy option.

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Spiky ball and self massage.

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Top tips for beating your heel pain

From the British journal of sports medicine here is a guide to how to achieve the best results when rehabbing from plantar fascitis.

plantar fascia advice | Arana Hills Physiotherapy

I hope this gets you on the right track, if you need any more help you can read more about our tendon and plantar fascia services, including shockwave therapy here.

we also work closley with dynamic podiatry who you can find at:


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