How to successfully treat shin splints, [2021].

What are shin splints and why do i get them ?

Watch here as we discuss the relative factors about why we get shin splints. We also cover what you need to do to recover from shin splints or prevent them from becoming an issue.

Shin splint exercise program.

The goal of the exercise program is the following  :

  • Improve local strength and endurance of the calf complex
  • Improve kinetic chain load capacity considering the key muscles that aid in managing load
  • Include exercises to improve the shin bone / tibia’s ability to absorb the forces involved in running , (in part 2).

This exercise program is inspired by the work of Tom Goom, the running physio, you can check his articles on shin splints here .

The bodyweight exercises we show here are picked specifically to address the above issues and a running / walking specific.

  • Group A
    • Step ups
    • Single leg squat
  • Group B
    • Hip thrust
    • Side plank with abduction
  • Group C
    • Soleus raise and bridge
    • Calf raise
  • Group D
    • Soleus Squat
    • monster walk

A simple but effective way to do this program is 1 exercise from each group and to do a circuit of 3-4 rounds x 8-12 reps. When that becomes easy you can add exercises from the above groups or resistance.

In our next blog we will look at exercises  \to help the strength of the tibia / shin bone for shin splint rehab.

Want to know more about our strength training for runners program check here

If your having trouble with shins splints or any other running or non running related injury feel free to contact us here



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