How to successfully treat shin splints part 2: Stronger tibias’ are happier tibias’, [2021]


Strengthening the tibia to treat shin splints.

As previously discussed part of the pathology of shin splints relates to a bone stress response, where the remodelling or rebuilding of bone is outweighed by stress placed upon it. As such an  important part of shin splints rehabilitation is getting the bone used to and strong enough to tolerate the impact of running.

We don’t want to recreate your symptoms doing this, ( i’ll mention this repeatedly) , and it is done alongside the lower limb and core strengthening exercises from part 1 to build your “shock absorbing” system.

Shin splits and impact loading assessment.

Its really all about finding your starting point and progressing from there in a symptom guided manner. With this type of training we DO NOT want to provoke your symptoms. Rather we want you to do it in a PAIN FREE manner.

Shin splints and impact exercises and progressions.


  • Reformer bounds
  • 2 Footed offload jumping.
  • 2 footed jumping / skipping.
  • Running on spot / boxers skip.
  • chin drops.
  • Lateral bounds.
  • Single leg hops.
  • Lateral hops.

The goldilocks principle for bone strength.

The key to building bone strength following bony stress injury is to do a little and often and in a pain free manner. Remember that bone related injuries get worse with exercise and we can’t just run them off.

Try a series of 5 reps of 5 sets of jumps to begin with and build to 4-5 sets of 30-60 second continuous jumping before progressing to the next level. This shouldn’t take up much more than 5-10 minutes of total training time.

You can incorporate these exercises with other strengthening exercises that are low impact.

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If you want to know more about this type of rehab check out Tom Goom’s video at the running physio here 

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